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Morse Geordie English Concertina For Sale

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My lovely - in fantastic condition - 45 button Morse Geordie Tenor English Concertina is up for sale.


It's a bit like a treble, but has an extra row so it goes to a 5th lower (i.e. the lowest note is a C rather than a G).


It is in excellent condition, has fast action and plays beautifully (I don't though). I have a smaller Morse EC, which I am keeping, but I need to sell this one. I am a lifelong string player (mandolin etc) and 1 concertina is enough for me to enjoy.


Rosewood stained Cherry ends, black Delrin buttons, brass fittings, riveted action, 6-fold bellows, and high-quality accordion-type reeds. With original hardshell case.


Here's a link to the instrument on the Musicroom website...




All offers will be considered - you may grab a bargain :o)


If anyone is interested, then please email me howard@thehilltribe.com. I live near Oxford, England.


Once sold, then a donation to this website will be made.




(edited to include Musicroom link)















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I wasn't aware the price difference was so vast US vs UK. A new Geordie is currently available at the Button Box for $2950, about £1940.

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Michael's figure of £1940 would become about £2420 after adding on import duty and VAT


- John Wild

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