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For Sale: Wheatstone Aeola 48 Button English Concertina. Serial #2487

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For Sale: Wheatstone Aeola 48 button English Concertina. Serial #24873, Key of C.


I purchased this Concertina from Barleycorn Concertinas in England, and recently (2013) had it serviced at The Button Box in Massachusetts.


Falling within the dear and lost years periods of the Wheatstone company, this Ebony ended concertina has unique fretwork, and is in perfect playing condition. All buttons play clearly and in perfect pitch.


I am located in the Western United States.

I have never used this forum before, but am aware of the 2% donation policy.


I am located in Montana but will be traveling to Southern California next week and can bring the instrument with me.


Please see four detailed pictures below:





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