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Musik Boehmer In Southern Germany


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Thank you Steve, I also always enjoy your videos on youtube a lot.

I really edited with Lightworks, how can you tell? And yes, I work on a CD. There is no real idea when it will be finished. I recorded quite a few songs already but the hard thing is to find a suitable "style". I could record the songs like I play them live (like on the video, that´s the stereo output of my mixer), but I´d like to add a few things, a bass or harmony singing for example. I don´t know of any recordings that use these kind of instruments in the way I use them, so I have to experiment a lot. But I´m progressing.

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I really edited with Lightworks, how can you tell?


Well you told me. Way back you told me you used it for "Dust My Broom", an impressive video for a concertina player!. I had a look but didn't download the limited free version, is this what you use? But I might just do it tonight.



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Yes Steve, I use the free version of Lightworks. It´s a fully working professional editor. They cut many Hollywood movies with it (e.g. Pulp Fiction). The limitation is, that you can only export in Youtube quality. If you want more, you have to buy it. It takes some learning time to get into the program but there are many well made tutorials on Youtube. Also there´s an excellent forum.

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Hey man - little late to this, but I love your video work and style. Definitely eye-opening for what can be done with the instrument. If I only I were back in Germany, I'd come to here you play.


Thanks for posting,



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