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All Anglos Now Sold


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Hi,Last one went out today ,unrestored . Many thanks to all the well meaning folks who responded to my postings.The amount of humour at large in the honking world is unquantifiable,and my sides are still aching,as indeed is my brain ,from the endless stream of goodwill and mirth that poured forth.If I have offended anbody ,in any way,by being overtly politically correct,please accept my apologies,and,as many people may observe, from my sensitive approach to honking topics,it can be assumed,correctly,that I am a totally unopinionated,modest observer,speaking from the sideline,handsome,brave ,and gallant and waiting patiently for the learned observations that constantly enrich this forum,and my life. It was particularly pleasing to hear from Stephen Chambers,that grand old man of the concertina, who is the greatest living expert ,having selflessly devoted most of his life to research and propagating the instrument,in all its forms,and glory. He is pushing on in years,but ,apparently ,still has all his facultys ,and can still tell the difference between an anglo and an english,within minutes of taking it in his hand.Truly remarkable,undoubtedly his like will not be seen again,and long may he prosper.

My final piece of advice to all you persistent posters ,if you have a good instrument and you are not making a go of it,so to speak,make it available to somebody who can play it.The gods of Honk will be pleased,and may well compensate you in your other leisure activites,and it makes cosmic sense!! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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