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Easyabc - Upgrade Or Not?

Roger Hare

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Roger, your question really asks how to specify fonts for abcm2ps which is the internal program EasyABC uses to display and create PDFs files. Go to Guido Gonzato's web site, called Abcplus as I recall, and download his manual. Somewhat dated, but there is a wealth of information there.

A slightly belated follow-up. I've now had the opportunity to

download and speed-read this manual. Dated or not, it has

everything I asked for and much more. Basically it's a

comprehensive manual which enables users of ABC-related

tools and editors to exercise significant extra control over

their ABC scripts and the output they produce. Highly



Thank you again for your suggestion.



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What! A mere flat is more important than music? Good luck with it.


A little OT, and out with the usual scope of this forum, I hope to

take possession later today.


I have not completely lost my reason or my sense of what is really

important - the first two items through the door will be one of my

20 button C/G Lachenals and the Marcus 30 button G/D!!!


Thank you for your good wishes.



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