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Searching For The Specific Lachenal Anglo


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I've already used this forum quite succesfully once, so now I need help again, let's see if it will be the same this time.

I'm looking for one of these Lachenal anglos with inserted into ebony metal ends. I have the small size 26 buttons one, and I like it so much i decided to get myself 30+ buttons. You can see what I'm talking about on these pictures

I don't want to buy full size (6 1/4''), something around 5 3/4 - 5 7/8 will be perfect. To give you an idea of what I'd like to buy - here's the one I've just missed http://www.irishmusik.com/lachenal-anglo-concertina

So if you have one of those you're thinking of selling or if you know somebody who has one, please let me know. In fact, i'd be glad to hear from you even if you just have one and not going to sell it, just to share the info :)

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Not sure quite what you are trying to tell us. The photo looks like it is the 26 button model you said you already have. And it is very nice.


Although your intentions may have changed since your original post in late 2015, if they haven't then you may have set an impossible task for yourself. The reason I say this is that you didn't want a full size, but you wanted 30 buttons -- a desirable goal. However, the smaller sizes restrict the amount of space inside for both reeds and chambers. Modern day builders like Dipper and Carroll offer full 30 button models in the size you are seeking, but there is a good possibility that Lachenal never did. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I suspect that's the case -- especially in the inset metal ended style you prefer.


But good luck all the same.


Ross Schlabach

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Not sure quite what you are trying to tell us. The photo looks like it is the 26 button model you said you already have. And it is very nice.




Oops, I thought I added some text to it but it looks like I didn't. Thanks for noticing!

What I was going to say - I'm still searching for one, and I wanted to bump my post up in case somebody has one for sale.

I agree with you that this task is close to impossible, but it's not exactly impossible.

I know that at least one 31 buttons Lachenal of smaller size with inset metal ended style exists (the one I've missed in the Dublin store). I also recall I seen a post once on c.net about selling smaller size 32 buttons Lachenal, although I'm not sure if it was metal ended one.

But anyway, my quest continues :)

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