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Tentative Sale G/d Connor 31 Key (Wheatstone Reeds)


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In the midst of cash flow issues and a thorough conversion to the joys of the duet I am seriously thinking of selling my Connor G/D anglo (with left hand G drone Key).


I've edited this after some discussion about the reeds - they look identical to the reeds in my wheatstone duet, but I am unsure whether they are modern tongues in old shoes hence the edit below. The reeds speak quickly and the concertina is very loud, perfectly suited to morris and english tune playing. The layout is also wheatstone/lachenal pattern in terms of placement of accidentals.


It is a stunning box, the best playing Connor I have had the pleasure to play. It uses parallel jeffries style reed pans with traditional steel reeds in brass shoes. Added to this it has six fold bellows with jeffries style papers, new bellows, new action, ebony end frames, steel buttons and stainless steel endplates. Recently had new handles and leather straps too.


£1900 for quick sale. Based near Exeter or Taunton - pictures available on request, but will try and post when I get back home. Will ship insured at cost.

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