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C/g Suttner Wanted

Francis Cunningham

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Hello there


I have a Suttner A2 model, seven-bellows, Jeffries-tuned 31-button (the 31st button is the C drone which Juergen supplies as standard on the A2) C/G with polished ebony ends and very pretty gilt bellows papers. In Connemara, Ireland.


If you'd like to mail me about it, here's my address: heather.cleggan@gmail.com .


It's the concertina featured on the front cover of the tutor "The Concertina Diaries", and since that's the only photo I have currently, I'm attaching that to this message. If you mail me privately, I can quickly take further photos of it and send them to you.


It's a nice instrument.


Best wishes






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