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Anglo Or Three For Sale


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Just a note saying the 38 key Jeffries only lasted an hour,bought unseen by somebody whose friend dealt with me before,having bought something similar,and the Lachenal piccollo has also gone today,to a repeat customer .I have also sold,provisionally, the 30 key rosewood Lachenal,pending satisfactory end product approval,after retune,etc. My only outstanding box is the 32 key,ebony ended, with 6 fold ,gold tooled bellows,which is ,at present,in unrestored condition,but still plays well in c/g, however ,this will probably be gone by the time you read this,as

I seem to sell my boxes as fast as people get to know about them, probably due to the number of top players who have found what they wanted by contacting me.Bono ,being particularly difficult,still has not found what he is looking for,but, given time!!!! Anybody thinking of getting married over the holiday period, BEWARE,take time out ,and remember that a dog is for life,and not just for Christmas!! I normally charge for this type of profound advice,being a part time professional " viber",but given the time of year, out of the goodness of my heart ,and in the spirit of the season, no charge .P.S Donations can be sent,cash,by registered post,personal cheque accepted, ( do not use advise until cheque has cleared) ,or paypal,ticking box -goods-(refused due to advise taken!) Keep the faith, and have a good good honk,rather than a good wonk,over the holidays, you will not feel so tired ,and St Patrick may well stop crying !!: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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