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Hi Everyone,


Does anyone on here own a Marcus English Concertina and if so, could they kindly give me their honest opinion? I'd be interested to hear about their Anglos as well.


I'd also be glad to hear of anyone's dealings with this company. I've made a few enquiries of them and have been very impressed thus far.





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the marcus hybrids are very well-made instruments. I believe I read somewhere that his Treble ECs include the low F and F-sharp, which is excellent . . . you've heard the couple of clips on youtube, right?



Yes I've heard the clips thank you. Hmm, I think that the range of notes goes down to G and up to D. The Marcus website is confusing -they quote what you have said but the downloadable layout is G to D. All the clips I've heard of them prove this to be true. I guess if you asked him, Marcus would make you one that went down to F.

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I had a Marcus GD Anglo.


They were friendly to deal with and quick: order to delivery in about 3 months. (This was a few years ago.) The instrument was well made and well finished, attractive to look at and to hold, although perhaps a little "robust" or "sturdy" or maybe "big boned" or "you're looking well" compared to some traditional boxes. The action was smooth and fast but slightly clickier than the best boxes. They use a simpler method of attaching the levers to the buttons and it shows. The box was nicely finished inside as well.


The sound was good. I preferred it with the baffles removed as it breathed a little better on the pull notes. The only reason I got rid of it was that I bought a Dipper GD. Even after I bought the Dipper, I sometimes played the Marcus for pleasure.


Assuming that their English models are on a par, and you accept (or prefer) the fact that it doesn't sound like a vintage box, you will enjoy it.


Keith Kendrick - our local professional Anglo concertinist - has several Marcuses and he was the one who recommended Marcus to me.

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RE the note range on the Marcus Treble---It was advertised for years on the site of The Music Room in the UK. That supposedly they were done with an "innovative" design that went down to "F." I have no idea whether the "innovation" was simply subbing out a couple of the doubled low accidentals, or what. Personally, I would find this a very desirable "innovation." I play a Tenor EC simply to get those lower notes.

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