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Wheatstone(Dickinson)40 Key C/g Anglo

Mark Davies

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Raised metal ends inset in ebony,metal buttons,seven fold bellows,straps with mother of pearl strap clips,modern pitch,standard Wheatstone 40 key fingering so you have push/pull C# on the rhs and pull C# lhs and all commonly used notes duplicated.In the original green plush lined case.This is a fine playing instrument and if anyone wanted to visit me to play the instrument you would be welcome.I will only sell within the UK

and Ireland.I can possibly deliver to Ireland as I am a regular visitor.If you would like to see some photographs send me your email address via a PM.I am selling this instrument as I have too many concertinas and it is not being played.Dickinson instruments come up for sale rarely and the standard of craftsmanship is first class. £5000 .No offers.

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Good news, Mark. :)

I used it when I lived in a flat in Peterhead. My neighbours probably still heard it, but it was not as loud as the other anglo which I had at the time (by far the loudest which I have ever played).




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A lovely instrument, with a beautiful tone.


As far as I am aware, I was its third owner, and had it from August 1992 to August 1994.


I was the fourth, having bought it from Peter for £1300 as I recall (I think I've still got the receipt somewhere), and sold it to Mark early on this century. Mark, I'm glad you're playing it. It is a lovely box. Steve D. once told me that he made only a very few 6 sided 40 button boxes and I remember it as a real gem. When Anne and I used to gig it was my main instrument and went over to the States with me on three occasions. I rather regret selling it, TBH, but I needed the money to fund a gradual return to normal life after a stroke. It would be wasted on me now, though, as I mostly play G/D nowadays, or my C/G baritone, and just sold my last C/G treble to a friend because it wasn't being used. So do please play it for both of us.





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