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A Small World

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What a small world this is - thanks to c.net :D


Playing in our little session here in Montreal Sunday afternoon when someone approached me interested in my concertina. I've had several people want to know what it is so I was quite surprised when our guest introduced himself as Dave Elliott. Hope you had a safe trip home Dave and it was nice to meet you!

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Yes its ME! eventually home and safe.


It was good to meet you and your friends, and especially brave of you to let me (a perfect stranger) hold and play your beloved concertina.


When I heard the music at the other end of the bar my colleague and I said 'Ah a session, got another pint in and sat back to listen. When I said that I could hear a concertina, he said 'You and your 'XXXXXXX' concertinas!'. I could not stay away, I had to come and see. I was expecting to see an Anglo, after all its an Irish bar, so I was really pleased to see and English being played, and so well.


Then the concertina brotherhood kicked in.


Later that evening we were joined by our holding group's CEO, my pal promptly ratted on me, and my reputation soared to new heights, or depths as the case may be.


Thanks for tolerating my brief attempt at play and pass my congratulations to your fellow bandsmen! Dispite the snow it was a warm welcome.


.....and thanks to C.net for providing the mechanism for the brotherhood (sisters are allowed too) to develop.


regards and best wishes



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