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My New Edgley C/g Concertina!

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So when do you get the sound files up for the Dipper?

I'm afraid the Dipper will have to wait for another weekend. It is an unbelievable amount of work to make these recordings. 6 hours for just 22 minutes of material. It seems there's nothing quite like sitting in front of a microphone to make my playing go all to hell. So many takes...


I did listen this morning and I'm gratified to see my playing has gotten much better even since I made the A/E clips last spring. I want to redo those soon too.

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Tom: I have been playing a little over a year, and I am one of those who is very impressed with your playing, and this after you have been playing less than three years!! After listening to you, I recorded a few tunes for myself. After playing them back, I wanted to quit, but that passed in about 5 seconds. I kept trying and trying to record at least one acceptable passage. Alas, I am still trying, although there is some improvement. So, I took some solace in your "admission" that recording has an evil influence on playing. I do think that self-recording is both humbling and instructive. So I will cast aside my self-esteem, and keep trying to find that acceptable passage. Some day that will lead to an acceptable tune, etc. In the meantime, I really do have a hard time stopping my practice sessions. I usually put my concertina away 3 or 4 times before it stays in the case for over a minute.


One oddity of my recording: My "b" (in the high octave) emits a screetch on the recording (a MD). This is actually the case for the "b's" in both the G & the C rows (obviously, a CG concretina). The screetch is not audible during playing, just on playback. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Alan Miller

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