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Carroll Concertina In Bflat/f (Half New)

Wally Carroll

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On behalf of a client, I am selling Carroll Concertina #168.


This instrument has a brand new exterior (woodwork, buttons, action, and bellows). The reedpans are from an older instrument where the original owner had ordered an extra set of reedpans and now the current owner has decided to have a second instrument made out of the extra pans.


This instrument is a Walnut Burl Wheatstone Design in the key of Bflat/F.


This instrument has a lovely warm tone and is a fast player.


Please PM me if interested or contact me through www.carrollconcertinas.com.


Also, an appropriate donation to C'Net will be made in the event of a sale.


Sorry but I wasn't able to attach a photo through the mobile version of the website. Contact me for a photo.




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...the trumpet I have now is in C.

Neither flat nor sharp, does that make it "wavy"? :unsure:


It makes it difficult to play a brass band part ;)

It was playing the French horn that taught me to transpose. I had no choice. My horn was in F, but I had orchestral parts marked "for horn in Ab", "for horn in C#" (yes, there really was one that said that), etc. :ph34r:


But I suppose we'd better let this thread get back on topic: a Bb/F concertina for sale, latest offer price $4500.

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So, this would be . . . . a "C" concertina . . . :rolleyes:

yes it would!


Or an Eb concertina for Stuart and me :-)






Indeed so! Which on that basis would make an Ab/Eb a Db instrument. Yum.


Glad I hadn't mis-represented your opinion Stuart - having written this, I couldn't find the post where we'd discussed this and had the sudden, terrifying thought that it was all in my head! Sorry to hijack this post again, but I didn't start the deviant behaviour :D



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