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Beautiful Edeophone

Paul Read

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I have been asked to advise on the sale of this instrument. Below is the descrition taken from John Adams' post on Facebook. If interested, p.m. me or contact John or Andy day via Facebook:


"The concertina belonging to our late friend Dave Eckersley (Herron), musician, singer, book publisher is up for sale.

Lachenal Edeophone 56 key extended treble ebony-ended English concertina for sale.
This is a fine example of Lachenal’s top model, 12-sided with raised ebony ends and 56 silver buttons. It’s obviously been a musician’s instrument but despite its age is in excellent original condition. We don’t know precisely when it was made but we estimate that it’s about 100 years old, probably early 1900’s. It plays beautifully and with its 7-fold bellows and responsive action it can be soft enough for song accompaniments or strong enough for sessions. It belonged to Dave Eckersley (who was well known around the Manchester and West Yorkshire Folk scene and sadly passed away earlier this year) who played it for over 40 years, and was overhauled and tuned by Steve Dickinson in 1998.
Guide price £3k.
The instrument is being sold by Dave’s family, but for more information please contact Andy Day:"


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Thanks for posting this, Paul, I've been away since Johnny Adams posted it on Facebook and just got back. The instrument is presently with me (Yorkshire, England) so if anyone is interested in more information please get in touch.post-10656-0-65476900-1440495237_thumb.jpg

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