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Jim Lucas Cpa

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I've had a brief email exchange. You will occasionally see his ghost flit briefly through the list of people connected. He is well, but busy. he drew my attention to this addendum to his last post:-


2500 looks nice.

New level seems a good place to rest.

New title deserves philosophical contemplation.

"Silence" is an experiment.



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It appears Jim isn't so ineluctable after all.


But, contemplate this, Jim. The trend in the attached figure suggests that Ken will not have a new title for you until after more than 6000 posts. Better get busy.

never trust a graph with a log scale !

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Yes, it's a good game, Spot The Jim. Rules are simple: every time you see his login, you add a post that says, simply, "I'VE SEEN JIM". The person who sees Jim most often in the year will gain no prize beyond a certain inner satisfaction.


Actually, there he is now...





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Maybe we should just all flood the forum with posts; I bet when people reach 2000 or so postings he will start posting again to keep ahead of the pack... of course they need to have purpose and be concertina related :)




I like to play the concertina. I played some last night. Oh, and I saw Jim on this thread yesterday (to be on topic for this thread). How's that, Bill? Still a long way to go, though.




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