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Fs: Carroll Noel Hill Model C/g Concertina

Evgeny Pichugin

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Hi all,


I am selling 30 buttons Carroll Noel Hill Model C/G Concertina. Made by Wally in November 2014 (#1419 or 160).


Standard Carroll layout, D-drone.

Comes with a hard case.


Just amazing instrument. Demo is here:

I am really happy with this concertina but I want to buy vintage concertina now.


Price: 7000 EUR (could be discussed).

Located in Moscow, Russia till the end of August. Since then I will move to Ireland (Ennis, Co. Clare or Limerick)


P.S. I would be happy to swap this concertina to 30 buttons Wheatstone Linota Black or nice 30 buttons С.Jeffries (C/G).

Let me know if someone is interested.


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I think you may be hard pressed to find a "vintage" anything that will sound as good or play as well as that concertina. I have seen quite a few of that model and all of them were better than all but the best of the vintage concertinas I've seen. Keep in mind, the Carroll will be improving over the years while most vintage concertinas from the best manufacturing periods are going to be wearing out their actions and developing leaks in their bellows ( if they haven't already been replaced ). Carrolls aren't perfect (yet) and may require re seating the reed shoes of the sort most concertinas should have when changing climates. ( you do this yourself at home ) But they are darn good concertinas. Some people like the famous names, or simply like owning a piece of history, but a hundred years from now, Carroll will be one of those names. Might as well get in on the ground floor.

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