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Fs: Connor Anglo In C/g, Jeffries Layout

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I bought this instrument last year hoping my wife or some of the kids might learn it, but none of them did. I have Jeffries for my own playing, so this should go to a home, where will be played. I am looking for £2100 + shipping from Czech republic. It is few years old, but still feels like new to me. Jeffries layout and C/F (pull/push) on left thumb. I discussed this instrument with John Connor himself and from the better end grills and gold tooled bellows this is his Jeffries copy. No need to mention, this one has traditional reeds.

Few pictures and video being played here, I can post more or play it for you over Skype if you like.
I might consider left-handed keyed flute as a trade-in.








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Bump, open to sensible offers.


Last Connor here went for £1,750 and that was Lachenal reeded. Mine is with John Connor's reeds which is more expensive when new and this one is like new :-)


My wife got recently interested in melodeon, so adding one row four stop as trade in option.

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