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Morse Geordie Tenor English Concertina

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I'm selling my Morse Geordie 45 button tenor English concertina. This is #1033, which I purchased new from the Button Box in 2013. I have played it about 30-60 minutes/day on most days until a few months ago - always indoors in a climate controlled environment. It is in as-new condition. The only thing that differs from the description on the Button Box website is that I had them put wrist straps on it for me at the time of my original order (see photos). Includes original case.


Reason for sale: the recent acquisition of a bandoneon and accordina - I need to focus my efforts and not have an expensive instrument sitting around idle.


Edited NEW PRICE as of 25 JUL: $1920, includes domestic shipping within the US, otherwise, to be shared 50/50 with buyer. For an international sale, please know your country’s import duty rules before considering a purchase – it may not be worth it.


Please see the Button Box website for full technical description at:



For a sound sample (nonprofessional playing and recording!), you may go to any of these links:









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As I liked what you've been doing with this instrument I wish you success with your having chosen these two fellow free-reeders for your music and am looking forward to hearing what you'll make out of it! Good luck with the sale too...!


Best wishes - Wolf

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I'm the second owner of my Ceili and it has had a small warranty repair (Doug reglued a pivot post that had worked loose), no questions asked. I expect all the makers are pretty good about this - they want everyone to be satisfied with their product.



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Thanks Ken for your input, for I have no experience in the area. There's a 5 year warranty mentioned on the website, but no mention of the transferability.


J, I do have the original invoice/receipt from the purchase. Also I see that you live Utah which, by concertina standards, is a mere stone's throw away. If you're serious and the only thing between purchasing or not is a trial, and If you're in SLC or closer, I'd be happy to meet half way.


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I may have overestimated the level of interest/value, so....New price!




Domestic shipping still included in the price. International shipping to be split 50/50 with buyer.


- Brandon

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