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Lachenal: Accessing The Back Of The Reed Pan

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I have a 30-button late 19th C Lachenal. When I take off the ends and separate the action plate I can access the reed pan. But the reed pan is united with the bellows frame and I can't access the back to check the back-side valves, where I suspect there is some problem.


How do I get around the back?


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What exactly do you mean " but the reedpan is united with the bellows "? I can imagine a very tight fit.. but the reedpan should be removeable by putting a finger or thumb through the centre hole and prising up the Pan using only the strength of your hands.


If it is very tight then it is best to make sure that the upward pressure you exert is to lift the Pan in line with the grain of the wood, to avoid any possibility of causing a crack. So, look at the line of the grain of the wood and try to lift up the reedpan at one end of this line.

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