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Noel Hill Camp Midwest 2015

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Just wanted to tell and remind folks that the Noel Hill Midwest concertina camp has moved its location to Columbia Illinois just outside of St. Louis, MO this year. The previous 15 years the Midwest camp was held in the Cincinnati, OH and northern Kentucky area. More travel for me but perhaps more convenient for concertina players living toward the center of the country.


Midwest camp will happen August 2nd through the 7th. As you may know Noel works his students rigorously whether beginner or old hand. Here is a chance for an intense Irish concertina experience in a small group while rubbing shoulders with one of the concertina greats!


Still some openings for the Midwest camp.


Here is a link to camp information: http://www.noelhill.com/irish-concertina-school


See you there!



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With the new class location, NHICS is endeavoring to eliminate some of the shortcomings experienced at former MidWest class sites. The new location, Todd Hall, is farther into the mid-section of the U.S. than Cincinnati, but it does look like it will be a delightful location with private bathrooms (yah!) and plenty of room for all.


As Greg has suggested, Noel can challenge you and he works hard to make sure that every student (no matter what their performance level) gets the most out of their week in class. We each get at least two new tunes a day and, as Noel points out, "the Winter is long" and you will have plenty of music to keep you busy and challenged for long after class is over. There is also the special benefit of the Friday final group session where he encourages students to make special tune requests for him to play and dissect so that anyone can have a chance to explore a specific tune of interest to him or her. BTW, that's where I've been introduced to many new and tempting tunes. And we usually get an evening concert during the week.


I've been going to NHICS since 1996 and keep coming back. It's been worth it every time. I expect to be back again next year too when I'll be 70 years young! If you have questions about the class, don't hesitate to post them here and we'll be glad to answer them to the best of our ability. Hope you can join us.


Ross Schlabach

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