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New Concert Recordings

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I’ve added 2 recordings on youtube from a concert I gave a while back in Germany.


These recordings are interesting (I think) because the concert was played on period instruments; a Conrad Graf grand from 1838 and a Wheatstone English from 1877.


The compositions are:


-Rondo from the Sonata for Concertina and Piano Forte, by Berhard Molique. This is considered one of the most substantial compositions written for the concertina and is technically quite demanding.
Bernhard Molique was a composer of high standing during the 19th century. He wrote several compositions for the concertina, of which his concerto for concertina and orchestra and this sonata were the most important ones.




-Barcarole for concertina and piano forte, by Sir George Macfarren. Musically less impressive than the Molique sonata, but a wonderful example of a 19th century character piece.


I found some more radio/TV and concert recordings that I might add in the future, depending or rights, etc..


Wim Wakker

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Thanks for posting those videos, Wim! Particularly the first one is great, I listened to it repeatedly, a fine piece of music anyways, and the concertina really shines here, equal to the grand - love the arpeggi, with the dynamic peaks coming through so clearly...


Best wishes - Wolf

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