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I Repaired My H. Crabb And Son Concertina.

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Interesting. Where did you get that bellows/tuning apparatus? It looks like it was commercially manufactured for the purpose, and a long time ago.

You mention:

I don't know any other concertina makers that used traditional concertina reeds in 1950s or 1960s.

Wasn't Wheatstone (what was left of it before Steve Dickinson revived it) making concertinas with traditional reeds at that time? See the 1961 British Pathe film: Concertina Factory AKA Concert In A Factory



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Thank you for your comments. They are very helpful to me!

I used felt because I thought the chamois I had was too thick and felt was more flexible than chamois. But, as you said, I think chamois is more reliable and durable than felt. So, I'll try to use chamois next time!

I used glue which is used for wood, paper, cloth, skin, etc...

I bought tuning bellows from David J. Leese in 2009. It's very convenient!


I thought Wheatstone had used a little odd concertina reeds at that time (in 1950s and 1960s).


I guess I jumped to conclusions...


Thanks so much!


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