Here are two popular tunes that I have arranged and tabbed. They are scored in the key of G; but the tab will serve on any standard 30 button Anglo concertina.   Due to the limitations of my musical software (GuitarPro 6), I regret that I had to modify Gary Coover's excellent tablature method. The tab is adapted from Gary Coover "Easy Anglo 1-2-3". The button numbering is the same. Numbers marked with △ are on the pull. Unmarked are push. No more lines above. All numbers the treble stave are played with the RH unless marked 'L'. All buttons on the bass stave are played with the LH unless marked 'R'. Gary's vertically stacked button numbers are written horizontally in my version. Apologies for these changes. I'm not attempting to better anything that others have done. College Hornpipe.pdf Lads of Alnwick.pdf