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Tenth Charles Wheatstone Memorial Mornington Crescent Game - Slightly

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A very good conclusion to some very interesting play. Congratulations, Stuart, on a beautifully timed reverse double back flip. I see Samantha agrees, and it's a brave man who disagrees with Samantha.


Well, as I had said before, I had thought the Charles Wheatstone Memorial Mornington Crescent Games had run out of steam. I am delighted to have been proved wrong. The games will retain their place on the UK primary circuit, and next year in February I shall be calling on Stuart Estell to set the initial parameters and make the first move of the Eleventh Charles Wheatstone Memorial Mornington Crescent Game.



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Thank you Chris, I should be delighted.


In the meantime, I have received a letter from a Mrs. Pergola, of South Wales. It is a little hard to decipher, but seems to indicate that there may be a large stash of Jedcertinas buried somewhere to the north of Swansea.

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