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Wheatstone Mccann Duet 46 Circa 1927

Stuart Drinkle

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I am selling this concertina on behalf of the widow of a recently deceased dear friend and personally know very little about these instruments.


It has recently been overhauled by Theo Gibb and brought it back to concert pitch. He referenced no need for any more work to be carried out and gave it a long life bill of health (receipt for the work is available).


I don't know what else to say about the instrument. I have included a photo of it and would be pleased to provide more photo's both inside and out.


The carrying case owes more to "gaffer" tape than original construction but it is serviceable.


The owner is asking for reasonable offers commensurate with what the market might expect but she does remember her late husband saying "it was worth something".


I am happy to answer any questions (if I can) and my mobile is 079123378274. My email is stuandirene@gmail.com.


We live in the North East of the UK.


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It's a pity that this wasn't posted just before or during the Swaledale Squeeze. It looks a nice box and I'm sure some folk would have been happy to make a small detour on the way home. Having seen and heard Jo Riemer play I would be tempted myself. An indication of a price rang would be useful as it's difficult to gauge what the market rate may be. I suspect it varies considerably from one day to the next, though I'm sure that some of the members more knowledgeable than me (i.e., pretty much everybody) may have an idea.

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A 46 key flat metal ended Model 34 from 1921 with air key.


A nice small MacCann, not one of the top models but then most 46's were made in the lower price range models.


Price ? Not a whole lot... Chris Algar offered an Aeola version for about £900 a couple of years back... I would expect this one to sell for less .

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Looks like the equivalent of a model 21 EC, which I guess would normally sell for £1500 plus due to the higher demand. Looking at ebay sold listings, 46 button MacCanns don't seem to sell for in excess of £650, albeit they were mainly Lachenals. You seem to get a lot for your money compared to ECs.

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