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The Us Dollar Advantage

Frank Edgley

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The current exchange makes the Edgley concertina (hybrid and vintage-style), which is made in Canada, a real bargain.....less than most other domestic or European--made concertinas. Added to that is the fact that there are no taxes and duties. E-mail me for a new order form.....fedgley@cogeco.ca

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Hi Frank,


I recommended your concertinas to a Japanese player last week because they're great concertinas and U.S. dollar and Euro are very strong now. I hope she get one!



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Concertinas come into Canada duty free, so you only have to pay HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) on the declared value. However, if you use a private courier they will charge you a (often outrageous) brokerage fee notwithstanding the duty free status. There is no rhyme nor reason to the amount of the brokerage fee- in one instance when I imported a cheap concertina for parts the brokerage fee was more than the value of the item.


I will now only use the Postal service of the vendor's country/Canada Post. I always ask the vendor to describe the contents as "concertina/accordion". The package comes straight to Canada Post, skipping the brokerage step. You pay the HST on delivery. I have imported from the UK, South Africa, Italy and the US this way with no problems. The only downside is that there can be a limit to how much the package can be insured for.

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