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Myers Dual-Mic Pickup


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I had Gregg Myers make me a dual-mic pickup system using his "feather" mics. It works extremely well and is quite elegant, I just haven't had as much need for it as I thought I would.

The two mics attach either via suction cups or small clips to both sides of the concertina, and have a single output to a 1/4" jack.


I'd be willing to sell it for $140 USD, shipped anywhere. Otherwise, I'll keep it as I'll need it eventually.




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I have a set too. I'm quite pleased with them. In fact, I spent some time discussing the attachment with Gregg. I ended up using a combinaton of small "donut" magnets and the clips. The suction cup didn't work well for me. He has my Dipper in his ebay ads.

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I'm sure these have gone by now but I'd love to know more about them. Even new (listed as the Feather2) they're keenly priced compared with better known gooseneck mics. I notice Jim tried to revise the topic a couple of months ago, too.


So, could someone tell us a bit more please? Patrick and Paul, you obviously like them. How does the quality compare with, say, Microvox or AKG, to take two extremes? Any issues with feedback? And what about those clips? The website says they're an alternative to the suction cup, rather than something to be used with it. Would they attach to EC thumbstraps for example?

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Chas, my solution for a concertina (as opposed to a melodeon) was to glue the clip to a "doughnut" magnet (that Myers will supply) with a plastic spacer glued to the other face of the magnet. Another magnet can be attached to the concertina by threading one of the end bolts through it and the clip/magnet is then just seated on it. Sounds clunky but it works well (see photo). The spacer is necessary as the magnetic pull is fierce. This approach means the mics can easily be switched from one instrument to another. It is also possible to glue one magnet inside the instrument with the wood on the concertine then becoming the spacer.


I have used the mics for test recording but not yet in a performance situation. I'll rpeort on that when I do. I can't really comment on the comparison as \i haven't tried the other options. My last set was home made by a friend. I had no feedback issue but that would be more relevant to a performance situation.


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