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Looking For Accordina

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My Marcel Dreux accordina arrived and it sounds and looks beautiful. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. I know that opinions vary about fingering for scales, but I'd appreciate it if anyone would would like to tell me the fingering they use for major and minor scales on each of the rows. I've got to start somewhere.

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Congratulations on your accordina and your enthusiasm.

Perhaps a reasonable "somewhere" to start is this:

Given the nature of a CBA layout and that you have only three rows, the requirement to master "crossing-over" is essential.

And you will have to cross-over in different sequences.

Experiment to determine whether it initially feels more comfortable to you to cross your middle finger under your ring finger to play the next ascending tone or if it is more comfortable/natural to cross your middle finger over your ring finger.

Start with a C major scale on the first row (the row closest to your palm) and play the ascending scale INDEX, RING, MIDDLE, RING, MIDDLE, INDEX, RING, INDEX.

Then play the ascending scale INDEX, MIDDLE, RING, MIDDLE, RING, MIDDLE or INDEX, RING, INDEX.

Then play the ascending scale RING, INDEX, MIDDLE, INDEX, MIDDLE, RING, INDEX or MIDDLE, RING

Using the most comfortable and fluid sequence for you, master the C major and C minor ascending scales.

Then do the same with the next more comfortable, then the least comfortable.

Then take a similar approach to the descending C major scale.

After that, do the same for the F major scale starting on the third row (the one farthest from your palm) by working out different crossover sequences and advancing the most comfortable first through the ascending then descending F major and F minor scales.

Don't overlook starting with your RING finger as well as your INDEX finger on this row!

Then repeat for the G major and G minor scales starting on the middle row.

HINT: This is the easiest of all starting on your MIDDLE, then INDEX finger. Having worked through the others, this one will flow like a spring mountain stream.

Go SLOWLY! Perfect your crossing technique, patterns, and fluidity.

If it sounds boring, it need not be. There are many melodies that can be played within one eight-tone major and minor scale that you can incorporate rather easily and quickly once you get the flow and your crossing sequences in your brain's and fingers' muscle memory.

Try to keep all extraneous motion and movement to a minimum from the very beginning.

And above all, find and maintain a comfortable position for your hand and wrist so that your fingers are nimble.

That's "somewhere" to start - and keep you busy for a while, too.

I hope this makes sense.

Be Well,


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Dear Dan,


Thank you very much. Yes. It certainly is somewhere to start. It doesn't sound boring to me because I play other instruments and recognize that what you are recommending is very good advice.







Congratulations on your accordina and your enthusiasm.
Perhaps a reasonable "somewhere" to start is this:

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