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Ebay Scam ?


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Just received ........

Looks dodgy to me, what do you reckon?

There can't be that many of these around.


Dear Madam/Sir,

Please excuse me for contacting you directly but this is due to some serious

family problems I'm having at the moment. While browsing eBay I've seen you

have placed a bid on item #3765111250 - Lachenal Non-Pareil Concertina. I was

wondering if you would be interested in buying a similar item for only 700GBP.




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SCAM!!! Stay away!!


The seller of the item on ebay is a legitimate dealer and a valuable member of the concertina community. The person/thing who emailed you is at best unethical and ,at worst, a criminal.

Yes, I've already got a concertina from Barleycorn ... they're only 20 miles away :-)


I've just looked up the ID of the e-mail sender on ebay and they seem genuine with a good long history, so I've queried them in case it's an identity hijack - I thought I'd give them a chance of reply before forwarding the stuff to ebay management .



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