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Tune Of The Month, May 2015: Da Slockit Light

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time for me to get back into the game...




Thanks, Ruediger


Not pathetic at all!


Thanks Jim, well appreciated. Also thanks to you again for keeping the TOTM alive and fun (it feels as if sometimes your initiative is injustly taken for granted)!


I'm wondering whether Strathspeys are widely known in American folk music circles?

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I'm wondering whether Strathspeys are widely known in American folk music circles?

Depends on the circles (it's a big country), but I suspect they're known about as widely, and on the same terms, as they are anywhere outside Scotland.


Scottish traditional music (apart from pipe bands) isn't as widespread or influential here as Irish, but enough strathspeys have crossed over into the Irish repertoire that most players of that style will know at least a couple. And it would be the odd folkie (in my generation, anyway) who didn't have a recording by, say, Silly Wizard or The Battlefield Band tucked away somewhere.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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Here's my final attempt (as for the month of May):

Da Slockit Light 3

As always, any comment more than welcome... Best wishes - Wolf

Great stuff, Wolf, I really enjoyed listening to it and to the progression of versions towards your final version. Nice 'bowing' and nice control of rubato to give it the true feel of a lament.


I also want to thank you for providing analyses of your arrangements, I know that I will find them very helpful.


In general, I think that every submission this month has been great. So many different interpretations of this wonderful tune, so much to listen to and to learn.

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thanks a lot for the affirmative feedback - it's good to know that musical ideas are making themselves heard, and you're very welcome regarding the analysis.


At least one thing had slipped my mind at first: the "sighs" in bar 3 (4) a.s.f. are each played with two distinct harmonies in order to reinforce the moving upwards (and similar downwards in bar 7 [8]) which sounded a bit weak to my ears before.


Best wishes - Wolf

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