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Crabb Refurbished 20 Button Anglo $600


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Best 20 button anglo i have ever seen!

Price Reduction!

Antique Crabb anglo concertina; fully refurbished. For pics please call/text at 520-488-6932 or email nancyseansell1@hotmail.com


New bellows, wood ends, rivetted action, steel reeds, metal buttons with bushing, fast, quiet action. '


All the characteristics of the best 30 button anglo 'tinas out there...but has 20 buttons instead of standard 30.


This is an awesome 'tina for beginner's, as the price i am selling at is pretty low, but the button set up, button placement, playability, 'tina action, and sound quality is exactly like the best 30 buttons out there...


What a great way to start for someone new to concertina... and, when you are ready, you can make an absolutely smooth transition to a more expensive (same high quality) 30 button 'tina down the road...you wont have to compensate for bigger buttons, buttons in strange alignment and/or spacing, and/or your fingering being different--- as this 20 button is an exact match to a standard high quality 30 button anglo---.it just has the 20 buttons, instead of 30.. Also, would be fun for an experienced player to take camping or to play around with, with just the 20 button basic set up...Comes with quality soft gig bag.


Basically, this is identical to some of the best 30 button anglos out there...but it is, uniquely, a 20 button anglo...


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As the former owner, I can vouch that that is a very nice concertina. It is in C/G, metal buttons, steel reeds, Lachenal pattern Fretwork. Made in 1937. And actually, at that price, it is a steal, as I have seen some dealers well over $1000.00 for 20 button Lachenals. Just something to think about...


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