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Northwest Folklife 2015

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With Folklife now just under five weeks away (yes, I'm counting days, don't judge me), who is planning on going?


And, now for those outside of the Pacific Northwest of the United States...


Folklife (now in it's 44th year), is one of the largest free music festivals in the world. Based on the definition “what folks do at home to entertain themselves and pass on their traditions”, it focuses on music and dance, although there are of course vendors, street food booths, artists, and more.


It's probably my favorite weekend of the year.



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It's a great way to spend four days in Seattle. I go every year and usually spend several hours there each day. There is constant music all day long, and considerable diversity too. Last year my wife and I were part of a scheduled stage performance but this year we'll just be one of the many touring the grounds. We will likely be meeting up with some of the local Irish music folks from the Fadó Pub Sunday sessions (sometimes known as the Fadó Irregulars) and spend a few hours playing with them.

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So it turns out, at the last minute, that I will be performing at Folklife this year. I'll be at the "Center Stage" on Friday, from 4:40-5:15. (There was a cancellation, and they asked if I could step in to fill it.) If you have any interest in hearing a Concertina Connection Peacock duet, that's what I'll be playing!



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I saw that you were scheduled Steve. The only problem is that another concertina playing friend of mine, Kevin Gow with the Welsh music group "The City of Crows," will be playing at the same time slot in a different location on the grounds. You'll likely remember that Kevin hosted a few concertina gatherings in his Seattle home a few years ago.


I hope to see you there.

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