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A. C. Norman Anglo Stolen

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I've just seen this notice in our local folk email newsletter (south-west England):
Metal-ended Anglo-German type; hexagonal, black leather bellows, serial number on oval ACNORMAN6/96.
1. Please let me know if you spot this in cash-converters, on line etc. If possible, buy it and I'll reimburse you.
2. Anyone got an Anglo for sale? All sorts considered.

Many thanks.
Ann Hinchliffe
Music leader, samedifference dance www.samedifference.net


Ann clearly does marvelous work with her music in residential homes and day care centres for older adults.


Please keep an eye out.

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Great news! I've just heard from Ann:


..... concertina WHICH HAS RETURNED! Brought in to music shop for valuation, manager contacted maker Andrew Norman; after police procedure I've got it back unharmed. One in a thousand chances do sometimes happen.

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Great news - and also a fine endorsement of the music shop. Well done to them for taking responsibility and doing the right thing. They deserve some public thanks and credit for that. Who were they?

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