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6-8 Nov 2015, Aberdeen: Button Boxes & Moothies

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6-8 November 2015

Hosted by the University of Aberdeen's Elphinstone Institute for Ethnology, Folklore, and Ethnomusicology:


"A unique celebration of small free-reed instruments, including mouth organs, concertinas, melodeons, diatonic button accordions, and Jew’s harps, the convention will be just the place to enjoy the appealing music of these delightful instruments from some of the very best talents around, both local to Scotland and from further afield. It will be a great opportunity to find out more about the instruments and their music. You can visit a beginners’ session, join an elementary workshop, or, if suitably experienced, learn about style and repertoire at a workshop. There are also several opportunities for informal sessions in local music-friendly pubs."


Button Boxes & Moothies (official university website)


Button Boxes & Moothies Facebook event (might be updated more frequently, plus you can rsvp and write comments etc)


Check the sites for information about workshop leaders, performers, and schedule (no information yet, as of April 2015). I'll post updates as I learn about them!

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The pricing for the event is currently being finalised; keep your eyes on the buttonboxesandmoothies.com site for more information or I'll post another update here when registration opens - unfortunately, I know I won't be at the next committee meeting.


But we have been told to distribute the flyer widely so I have!


Alex West

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This looks like it will be a splendid conference. And close (at least not too far) to the Blue Lamp too. I still tear up when I think how hard it was to leave Aberdeen when I last was at a conference there a couple years ago. I had to be poured onto the plane after an all night session after a Smoking' Catfish gig at the Lamp. Davy Cattenach was in fine form, and one of the friendliest folk crowds I've ever met (outside of the Maritimes). Thanks for the heads up.

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