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Frequencies Of Notes On G/d And C/g Anglo Concertinas

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I am trying to find out what exact notes are used on C/G and G/D anglos in the wheatstone layout in A4=440hz. To be specific, I know what the notes arein so far as what is shown on the below layouts in the links I have posted but not what exact notes they are... say the low C on a C/G, is that a C4 at 261.63? or could it be C3 at 130.81hz? Could someone direct me to a source online that would have this infomation for all of the notes.



GD: http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/g_d_30_wheatstone.jpg


CG: http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/c_g_30_wheatstone.jpg


I would check a concertina against my strobe tuner but I currently dont own a concertina. That is the root of why I need to know this, I am ordering reeds, to make said concertina. I am actually already making one with plans to make another, I will post some pictures on these projects soon as the first is almost done.

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Not the easy answer you might want but this chart http://www.suttnerconcertinas.com/images/key_layout_wheat_31.gif from Jurgen Suttner's site shows the notes for a C/G on a stave. If you transpose them all down a fourth you will have your answer.

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Lester, yeah I found that site, pretty helpful.


Chris. Thanks very much. I can derive all I need from that. I would have been posting a thread on here with the project and its progress but its a university project for my final year of my course and I have been a bit stressed with it. I will do a post showing what I have made soon

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If you are ordering reeds from Italuan makers then you need to know about the system they use to identify pitches. In this system Middle C is number 15 and the numbers increase by one for each semitone higher pitch, so C# is 16 D 17 etc,

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