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55 Key Crane/triumph


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Having made some progress with my Hayden Duet, it is time to put some instruments up for sale.

I will do my best to describe them as accurately as possible and hopefully put up a couple of pictures.

Should you be interested in purchasing, I can send you more pictures if you let me have your email address.


Details of Concertina No 1:


Crabb 55key Crane/Triumph System Duet.

Serial Number 14075.

Made in 1937/8

7.25" Hexagonal Shape.

Flat Duralumin Ends.

6 Fold Black Bellows.

Steel Reeds in Brass Reed Frames.

Re-padded and valved by Barlycorn Concertinas 2006.

Weight of Concertina 3.5lb/1.6Kg


Price £1,600 GB Pounds.

Buyer to pay carriage and insurance costs.


Any Questions, please ask.

I will make a donation to this site should the instrument sell.













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"Having made some progress with my Hayden Duet,"


Glad you're getting on with the Hayden ok, the one you've got is a lovely instrument, made my fingers feel as if they were dancing when I played it. I was wondering how you and the new box were doing, just never got round to asking. Is this the Crabb I saw? If it is, I can vouch that it's a fine sounding instrument, it'll give someone a lot of pleasure.


All the best,









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Note arrangement is standard 55 key. LH starts on the C, an octave below middle C and goes up 2 full octaves. RH starts on middle C and goes up 2 and a bit octaves to F.

Details are in the Salvation Army tutor, a copy of which can be found on the internet.


The Hayden is a Wakker WH1.

Originally coming from the Anglo system, I have struggled trying to read music and transfer it from my brain to my fingers on the Crane/Triumph system.

So now I am trying to play by ear, rather then by music and find the Hayden system much more intuitive, so that I don't have to think too hard.

Still early days, but this seems the way forward for me.

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I can afford to drop the asking price by £100 to £1,500 GB Pounds, if there is anyone out there interested.

Otherwise, I will have to consider putting it on an online auction site, not really something I want to do, but needs must.

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Hi TJ,


I am a little surprised that your Crane is still for sale 9 days on..... given the general dearth of medium sized models on the market these days. It surely is worth more than your asking price!


Good luck,


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