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Lachenal 26-key Anglo


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I thought I ought to let prospective buyers know that I've taken my Lachenal 26 key off the market. One interested party mentioned to me that I might be happier keeping this lovely concertina (it's an Anglo, and I've been working hard learning English) and eventually learn both systems. I've thought about it, and decided he's absolutely right. I've been playing the Anglo lately again, and have fallen in love with it all over again! So, luckily, I get to keep it. Thanks to those of you who enquired about the concertina; there was lots of interest in it.

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Well I am glad that you have decided to keep and learn the instrument. Had I not recently purchased a Marcus and had two other concertinas on order I would have been seriously tempted. 26 buttons is probably more than enough for most Irish music which is all I play right now... Oh well.




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