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G/d 20 Button Anglo Chords


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Thanks, but according to the graphic provided with this used anglo, there's no E on the push either.


That's right. The push E would be in the third ("accidental") row on a 30-button G/D, but you said this is a 20-button. Assuming a standard layout, your only C chord (corresponding to an F chord on a C/G) is on the pull.

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The fundamental basis of the Anglo layout is that any three or more notes on the push on the same row will be the major chord with the same name as the key.


Thus, on a G D Anglo, pushing the G row will give you G major, whichever 3 or more buttons you press, and pushing any 3 buttons on the D row will give you D major.



G major = the notes G B D

D major = the notes D F# A


C major is the notes C E G


The only note on the push that harmonises with C major (is part of C major) is the G.


The notes C and E are available on the pull on the G row.


The notes E and G are available on the pull on the D row.


This is not a fault in the instrument but a basic feature of the design. When you want a C chord, pull, even if the melody note is G.


A 30 button gives you more options but costs more and weighs more and encourages/allows a different style of play.

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