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Tune Of The Month, March 2015: Jamaica Farewell

Jim Besser

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I´ve also enjoyed each contribution. Everyone really showed a different side of the song. Starting with Bobs relaxed version where I think I can hear that he knows the song for a long time, also the instrumental is very nice. Then Jim Bessers dancing Morris interpretation which has quite a „soul“ feeling to me. To hear songs from people that play concertina for a long time is always like a good wine or aged whiskey for the ears. Jim Lucas, very enjoyable with a light touch. Darias version really cheers me up. Tona, to me, always sets a new standard by himself, the quality and sound of his playing are outstanding. And then there is Jody of course, a class of his own (my girlfriend just said „Johnny Cash on the concertina“ as she heard the recording). This version could easily be on a CD, it´s flawless.


Steve, I would be really curious to hear your version. Maybe you can do one after your folk festival?. The song is really fun to play.

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Kind words Stefan for everybody, thanks! Yours is very inspired and creative too. And i am agree with you about the fabulous rendition of Jody´s!..

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OK, here's a taste of my Jamaica Farewell.




I love the TOTM challenge. Without it, I would not have considered this fine song for reasons mentioned above. It was way over played, but that was 50 years ago. Time for a new look.


Great version Jody, you really made the song your own!


Best wishes - Wolf

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