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Tune Book Database Project

Pete Dunk

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Some time ago I set about documenting the contents of the numerous tune books I have, I have also added some that I don't own because the information was freely available and easily added. All of this was to enable me to search for tune names to see if I had the sheet music for a particular tune. The main sheet lists almost 8400 titles, the next tab lists the source books. Ignore the preview Box will start to generate (the preview isn't searchable and is generally less than useful!) and click the download button to get the spreadsheet file. I hope someone finds this information useful. :)


Printed Tunes

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Would be an awful lot of work, but ideal solution might be to scan all your sheet music as PDFs files into a program like ForScore which then sort them alphabetically by title and permits you to arrange them by key or any label you give to them I.e. 4/4, 6/8, Hornpipes , Waltzes etc. That way you have everything in one place automatically indexed. Also of course, you should then have backup of these saved PDFs on Cloud or similar, just in case you suffer a disaster at home.


Such a mighty volume of digitised scores would then possible have a commercial value, subject to copyright of course.

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