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Wheatstone Baritone Value


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I recently had a very nice Wheatstone Baritone ( serial 33086, dated 1933 ) come my way and wanted to ask if people could offer some thoughts as to value?


With the kind help of Geoff Crabb I have the following information to identify it:


Baritone, Model 10A fitted with optional metal tops, see the pricelist @

It is pitched an Octave lower than the standard treble. If other words you can play it exactly as a Treble but each button will sound an octave lower.
The presence of Brass reed tongues and Chromed metal tops suggests that it was built for use in the tropics, the aluminium frames for lightness. Probably missionary work. You will see a reference to optional non- corrosive reeds (read tongues) 8 lines below the Model description.
With Geoff's help I was also able to establish it's in regular English system layout but just an octave below. The non - corrosive reeds make it lighter so it's quite easy to handle for a larger instrument. All the notes sound and it has a lovely sonorous tone. The bass notes are especially lovely.
I will try and post pictures with this to show that it's in really clean condition. One minor point - it has had palm rests fitted which are in the original case with it. These have left two small screw holes on each side but are really hardly noticeable.
I'd like to sell it but don't know what value a concertina like this has. Can anybody offer some advice as to value as it sits?
If it sells to a cnet member I'd be more than happy to make a contribution to the site...
many thanks,
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Thanks for that Chris. I had one other suggestion from another source who thought around £1800... I like your value better!


Seriously, I'm grateful for your help Chris.


Maybe the value lies somewhere between the two figures?


I'd like to put it up for sale at a fair price so if anyone else can offer any suggestions I'd be grateful.

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I think valuations on a forum like this are ill advised, the disparity in valuations given proves my point and I note that the first valuation wasn't posted in this thread so either i) it was delivered by PM or ii) it was off forum. Anything that is for sale is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. I'd love to own a Wheatstone baritone concertina but not alas with brass reeds and aluminium frames which is a bit like owning a Ferrari that's governed to 50MPH, the thing is of high quality but lacks performance. Given the current depressed state of the economy and the number of quality concertinas that pass through UK ebay at very good starting prices and fail to attract a single bid my best advice is to store this pretty instrument until better times.


Here is a true example of the fluctuation in prices I have seen in that last few years. In 2006 I bought a Wheatstone model 21 treble concertina for £1350. Three or four years ago I was amazed to see the price of the same model creep over the £2000 mark. A couple of months ago a very pretty model 21 in better condition than mine, fully overhauled and offered by a very well known UK dealer failed to attract a single bid with a starting price of £1000. The bottom has fallen out of the market in the UK and that's just the way it is!


Far from caveat emptor it's a sharks market at the moment so let the seller beware!

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I have a friend with a similar age Wheststone with brass reeds in aluminium frames. It is one of the best playing Wheatstones I've seen and can easily play very loudly, but also is capable if playing softly.

You can't judge a concertina by the materials it's made from, only playing it will reveal its try capability.

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Below, is what Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas has to say on his website, as a general guide to the prices he charges for English concertinas. Note the bottom sentence regarding TT's, BT's and baritones. As Peter Dunk says. prices may have dropped a little but Chris's prices for concertinas are always quite a bit cheaper than shops like Hobgoblin or The Music Room. A couple of years ago, The Music room were asking £4000 for a wooden-ended hexagonal Lachenal baritone with steel reeds, in fair condition overall! So, I don't think a valuation of around £2,500 for this 1933 Wheatstone baritone in its case, is unreasonable, under the circumstances, even if it does have brass reeds.



English Concertinas

Recently a revival of interest has taken place with English Concertinas and prices are rising considerably as we can't find enought to supply the demand. Prices for English concertinas start from as little as £500, (all instruments restored and in concert pitch), For this you would expect a very basic, brass reeded concertina with bone buttons, wooden ends and probably only 4 fold bellows. Better quality brass reeded concertinas would begin at £650.

When you hit the £1000+ mark you would expect to get a decent Lachenal concertina with steel reeds, metal buttons and 5 fold bellows. A similar Wheatstone concertina with flat ends, metal buttons, steel reeds and five fold bellows would be £1250+ (metal ends probably slightly dearer). Lachenal New Models (raised ends - usually ebony but often metal and occasionally rosewood) would begin at £1500. A similar Wheatstone model would cost £2000+. Lachenal Edeophone concertinas, (top model - 12 sides) would be between £2000 and £2500+. Virtually any decent Wheatstone Aeola (8 sided) would be £3000+, the only exception being a very late one which could be sold for less.

Tenor-trebles, baritone-trebles and baritones would be more. as they are at a premium.




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