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Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook

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They shouldn't be that technical. The points I made come down to


- what notes are there in the tune?

- which ones matter?

- why do they matter?


A useful modal theory gives you answers to those.

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The 2017 edition of Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook is now available and stable. See http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/tunebooks/. Now 600 tunes.

It's free for download as PDF for printing off, or increasingly for people to use in tablets like iPads. You can also download for free the ABC file and use a program to play along with - I have a page on Playing ABC.

Alternatively, you can order a printed and nicely bound (can fold right back) copy from Lulu.com for £8.00+pp.

If you have the 2016 printed edition, then just download the Annex 2016, print it off and stick it in the back to give the extra tunes, and apply the edits in the 'Errata' section to bring you up to date.

If you have 2015 or earlier, then an upgrade to a new copy may be appropriate, particularly if you use the chords, which had a major rehash in 2016.

There may or may not be a 2018 edition - I don't want to keep adding tunes for ever!

Happy squeezing!

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