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Amateur Free Reed Instrument Makers Facebook Page

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Thing is, if my membership to the amateur free wind makers group is still pending I'm not sure how I can post any questions on it to get it up and active again.....


If it works the same as other groups that I'm a member of, any requests to join from friends of mine come up on my feed and I can approve them. So if you become a Facebook friend with anyone who is a member, that should do the trick.

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Sorry about the lateness of aproving members, I think everyone has been approved now. I was thinking perhaps it would be easier if it was an open group if people are ok with this?

I'm on a couple of open groups and they do get spammed occasionally. Perhaps just add another couple of admins in case you are busy? (I'd be happy to be one)

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hmm, it says any member can approve members. Have a go at some point, let me know if you are not able to and I will see what I can do


Like I was saying before, the way it seems to work with other groups is that I get notified in my feed if one of my Facebook friends asks to join a group that I'm a member of, and I can approve them, but I wouldn't see requests otherwise...

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