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Jeffries 46 Button Anglo In C/g For Sale


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Can anyone explain/opine on, opinions on other threads to the effect that 45-keys are not as loud or robust-sounding because of something having to do with the extra buttons not being on the core of the soundboard or something vaguely like that? Not sure I remember exactly what was said, but.....+

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Opinion: Although it is true that those reeds which do not sit on the periphery of the reedpan, those extra reeds for which there is no room along the edges, do not make as much volume as the others, the reason for that is not entirely clear. It could be that due to their position on the reedpan they invoke more damping effects because they are causing a greater portion of the reedpan to vibrate in sympathy or they sit too close to the centre of the Pallet board ( some call this the sound board) and that may have a similar damping effect.


Perhaps because of this situation Jeffries decided to reduce the power of the outer reeds so as to arrive at a balance ?


Perhaps a 30 key instrument is louder than a 38key because of the weight of those extra reeds attached to the Reedpan, maybe it makes little difference but when you get to a 46key perhaps the additional weigh becomes significant in the area of vibration damping ? Perhaps that is why a 30 key Anglo is usually louder than a 48 key English ?


Perhaps this is pure conjecture. there is a thread here which I did not manage to find where several members talk about optimising the chamber size/ shape for these 'inboard' reeds.


With my 46 key Wakker Hayden there are three extra pairs of reeds on each reedpan, these sit close to the centre and are not quite so powerfull which is why Wim Wakker had redesigned his Duets several years back and now places all the reeds on the periphery with the downside that the instruments are slightly larger.


I have managed to raise the power of these extra reeds by reducing the width of their valves and increasing the Pad lift as high as possible by removing damping washers from beneath the buttons of those notes. Now the balance is better.

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There is a thread here which I did not manage to find where several members talk about optimising the chamber size/ shape for these 'inboard' reeds.


I seem to recall a thread where Adrian and others were discussing this regarding a more "nasal" sound of the inner (?) reeds, and reshaping the reedpan (not the chamber) as a possible solution...

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My recollection is that this is the thread where the blue-tack came into play... but I don't remember the details. Adrian and Robin were major contributors to that discussion.


David, I'd like very much to see the fingering chart you mention in the eBay listing. Any chance of posting it here?

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I apologise for coming somewhat late to the table on this one, but I've been back and forth to the UK for the last month dealing with a family bereavement, so I've not been able to contribute, or keep up with discussions here.

Anyway, here is a link to my post about Jeffries inboard reeds:


It was a question about the sound and not so much the volume of the inboard reed notes, although they do tend to be quieter due to their 'nasel' sound.

However I would add to this post that in my experience, 31 button Jeffries generally have a more 'free' and 'full' sound than their 38 button counterparts, something I've also found with modern anglos made in a similar way. Of course it's difficult to be objective about this, but I could image that the physics of having more space for the chambers on the 31 models is the major contributor to this effect. On the other hand, from a musical point of view those few extra buttons of the 38 system give you a huge difference in what you can actually play on the instrument! Yup, you just have to accept a compromise sometimes...



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