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Dating A George Case

Phillip T

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I have what seems to be a George Case concertina. Mother of Pearl inlay, silver capped buttons, riveted action, and identical to one in the George Case section of the Concertina Museum. The Action box is numbered 1212 , the Reed box 930 , and the bellows 910. In addition there is a date written on the inside of the bellows 24-12- 69. Christmas eve? The hand is fine nibbed and looks old. Are we talking 1869? I think so.

Can anyone help me date this or head me in the direction of finding out? I would be much obliged


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By the serial number I'm guessing it has/had a label with either 32 New Bond Street or the name Case, Boosey & Sons Holles Street. The first address was used from 1849 to Dec 1854 and the second address from 1854 to 1864. Probably the second address as they were a bit careless with numbering.I'll try to send you a copy of my research into George Case

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