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Autre Marionette A La Planchette

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After being inspired by Jody and Alex I have knocked up a marionette of our Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott who is a fitness fanatic and widely lampooned for wearing "budgie smugglers", a brief swimsuit, when he goes surfing. As a politician he certainly lacks integrity (surprised?) so I have no misgivings about lampooning him. Here he is.post-10768-0-92684600-1421922028_thumb.jpg


And there's a video too, of him and his mate Rupert Murdoc, busking all in a good cause. Tony is dancing to Rupert's tune.




To allow more freedom I went for a free standing set-up rather than having the string tied to my leg. So he's operated by a foot peddle which doesn't give great control over his movements. But that doesn't matter. Kids and adults were fascinated and delighted with him and he certainly greatly increased the fund raising. Concertina is so suited to this folk art form. The sound isn't great and I fudged a bit in the first bit by over dubbing what was originally a different tune. And my first time cameraman came up with some interesting angles!

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Is Tony fit for the job ? He looked exhausted when you put him back in the box.


Tony is definately not fit for the job. I may have to make a new puppet soon, there's rumblings within his own party about dumping him as PM.



Steve, Very well done! It sounds like you have your Parnassus well played in. Did you carve the marionette? Jim


Hi Jim. Yes I play the parnassus a lot, some hours each day or at least most days.


The body and limbs of the puppet were done with a router and a coarse sanding disk on my electric drill and set up in a vice. The head is paper mache and was quite involved. First I made a play dough version from which I made a plaster cast mould then finally the paper mache was cast in that. It's on a spring so it wobbles a bit.


Perhaps sometime for a non political version I'll make a sailor or a swagman.

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