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Hi From Concertinaface!

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Hi everyone,


I'm ConcertinaFace! I live in Austin, TX and I started playing the anglo concertina last March. So far my roommates don't mind!


I play mostly Irish music but sometimes I play old-time music too, generally at the weekly sessions here. I am also a sean nós and flatfoot dancer and I can play about five chords on the mandolin if I remember them. There is a very dedicated trad scene in Austin so I have had lots of help from people suggesting recordings to listen to, teaching me tunes and jamming with me. I was also fortunate enough to go to the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat in Dallas this past fall which was excellent, Niamh Ni Charra taught the concertina classes and she is a wonderful teacher!!


I did AmeriCorps for two years so the plan is to use the rest of my scholarship (after I finish classes this spring) to go to the Blas summer school at the University of Limerick and Willie Clancy week! Right now it is all a bunch of red tape but I am hoping that things will work out in my favor.


I'm excited to talk with all you other box players on this forum! I am enjoying the concertina so much and it is definitely definitely worth all the chipped nail polish, raised eyebrows on first dates (you play a what?) and time spent convincing people that no, it's not a bomb, I promise.



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Hello and welcome to the forum.

What make of concertina do you play?

Do you folks have beginners sessions in Austin, or are

you playing at full speed already?


I'm hoping to travel through there in the next year or so.

Where a when do the sessions run?


Thanks, and again, welcome.

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Hi Maki!


I play an Edgley C/G concertina, but when I was first starting I rented a Rochelle from a music shop here called Fiddler's Green. Fiddler's Green also has a Sunday session with slow tempos for beginners at the start. However, there is a pub session downtown at the same day and time and that is where I usually go for tunes. I was already there for sean nós dancing and I just decided to stay for the concertina! Plus, musicians get free pints, which is a pretty solid incentive for me to do a lot of things!


I hope you are able to come down to Austin, there is so much to do and such great live music! While you are here we would love it if you came to a session, here are the links for each location:

Fiddler's Green: http://fiddlersgreenmusicshop.com/weeklyirishsessions.html#sthash.3TJJPYif.dpbs

B.D. Riley's (the pub, check the calendar before you come by to make sure that the session is not cancelled for a Patriot's game): http://bdrileys.com/calendar/

Also B.D. Riley's will compensate session players for parking so contact me before your trip and I will give you directions to the parking garage.



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Hey Shelly, that's true.


I'll be there at Old Pal teaching old-time concertina. Register and I'll send you the dots and mp3s for the tunes we will be working on. In addition to my classes and other concertina activities (we could have a concertina Irish or English or Swedish session for instance, if folks wanted to), there will be many festival jams to join in on, plus concerts to listen to by a range of non-concertina headliners playing dulcimer, fiddle and other string instruments. Concertina is only a small portion of this friendly musical gathering (there are usually about 25 of us squeeze players.) It's a great weekend that is like no other event anywhere in the world. Not to be missed.





ConcertinaFace, we would love to have you join us for this remarkable squeezing weekend. If you need a ride from Austin, it's likely that could be arranged. Just ask.

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Hi Shelly and Jody!


Thanks so much for the information about Old Pal! I know several people who go every year and they love it. I definitely plan to attend this year!

Jody, I read through the page but I wasn't sure who to email about registration. Do I talk to Dan Worrall or Jerry Wright?




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Hi there C.F. I quote:

"The festival fee runs about $80, and the concertina fee is $30 to help defray expenses. If you plan on attending or have any questions, contact me at jmbayliss@juno.com" That's our fearless organizer, Jim Bayliss.

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