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Marcus C/g

Bob McCown

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Hi Folks

I hate to do this, but I should sell my Marcus C/G. I bought it new about 3 years ago, played it about 2 months, and its been sitting in its case in a closet ever since. Its a beautiful instrument, but Id rather it go to someone that will play it, than just sit neglected here.


Its a C/G "Deluxe" model, with etched metal ends, fancy papers, all the bells and whistles. It has a beautiful sound, quite sharp, and Im sure it will only get better over time.


Currently Marcus lists it for L1395 (about $2800), plus the hardshell case. Id like to get $2600 (plus shipping) for it. I'm in the US, and would prefer to sell to someone in the US.


Pictures at:




-=Bob McCown

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Bob, Good luck selling your Marcus, but you over estimated the current cost of a new Marcus... 1395 GBP is about 2600 USD.


Either way the price you are asking might be a bit high for a used (all be it nearly new instrument). New Edgley, Tedrow, Herrington and Morse Concertinas all still are available for under $2000 (though with the declining dollar against the Euro I suspect they might all have to raise prices since they all use Italian reeds) and the general consensus seems to be that when you lump the marcus in you can basically roll a die to determine which one is better.


I recently acquired a used Marcus standard edition on here, its in very good condition but I still only paid about $1300. I wish you luck, but $2600 seems a little high for concertina.


BTW, is it Wheatstone or Jefferies Fingering?




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