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Daniel Hersh

Interesting Chemnitzer On Ebay (Good Internal Pics)

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That poor thing sure has taken quite a beating. Broken treble buttons, reeds dislodged from blocks. I bet it was dropped. I have never seen the buttons on these "crumble" as the seller described. These are usually very durable instruments though extremely accordiony in tone and a good shoulder workout as they're so heavy.


Putting "Star" in the title is just clickbait as it was only repaired by Star sometime before the 1960s (judging by the Milwaukee avenue address with no ZIP code on the stamp).


Not an unusual number of reeds at all, though. Typical for a quad. In fact many quads have extra helicon reeds for buttons 1, 5 & 10 (So you can play the root notes of chords in the common keys).

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